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Lera Leshchova
is is fashion designer
of brend L L

Lera Leshchova - one of the most young popular Ukrainian designers. Oriented on manufacturing women's clothing.

The brand L L relates to the top fastest growing brands on the Ukrainian market.

She was born with a dream to become a couturier.Already since her childhood Lera Leshchova understood, that success consists of only 1% of talent and 99% of work. From the young age, while her coevals were playing the toys, she was learning drawing ,paintings ,mastering the ABC of dress-making.

She took part at the many various competitions and exhibitions in her native country and abroad and won numerous awards. For example,in the age of 16 she cooperated with the most famous ukrainian couturier Mikhail Voronin, producing woman dresses.

In 2010 Lera Leshchova opens her own independent studio, where seasonal collections are produced annually, as well as diffusion line, capsule collections and different creative projects togather with Alina Mirgorodskaya.

The first collection L L launched in 2012 at Mercedes- Benz Ukranian Kiev Fashion Days.
The design is pure, timeless, clean with an advanced edge and playing with contrasts within a high degree of functionality. Supreme quality materials, combination of unexpected textures, and meticulous attention to details features garment from Lera Leshchova.

All this refers to stylish, open-minded and independent personalities, who are not swayed by fleeting seasonal trends.


Alina Mirgorodskaya
is an award-winning
make-up artist and
hairdresser in Ukraine.
She has demonstrated
her works and ideas
and techniques in a
many various TV-shows,
movies, fashion shows
and exhibitions.
She is leading her
own Creativ-team.

Alina Mirgorodskaya
is generator of creative
ideas, some of them
became innovative
for Ukrainian area.
Alina and Lera met
in 2011 in Milano, since that time
they are working in tandem.


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